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Space Race Bodies



Walls (ISBN: 978-0-6484680-0-4) emerges from contributions to the third in a series of biennial" target="_blank">Space, Race, Bodies conferences. The Space, Race, Bodies research collective publicises and disseminates scholarship and activism on the intersections between geography, racism, and racialisation. The central insight driving of this research theme is to make visible how space and bodies are constrained or enabled by racism and race privilege. These spatial mobilities and racial abilities are also tied to specific geographical contexts, where the ongoing effects of settler colonisation and imperialism must be recognised in order to understand contemporary social realities and inequalities. As Moana Jackson has generously noted of the theme: “the racism of space is a prejudice pretending to be neutral” (Jackson, 2017, p. 10).

The specific theme for the conference and publication that has arisen from it, Walls, is an invitation to think critically about the physical as well as social barriers that create inequalities in Aotearoa and around the world. We could also think about Walls as having a dual function – to exclude different people and groups by including others. Walls aim to exclude but by their very conspicuousness also draw attention and make visible borders, which can then be targeted for resistance. The Walls that remain invisible are particularly challenging. Walls communicate, enclose, and implicate.

Critical conversations came out of the conference and the choice to release this publication in stages seeks to evolve and expand these dialogues. As an online peer-reviewed publication, it will combine the quality of an academic special journal issue with the flexibility and multi-modal format of online publishing. Non-refereed creative and critical pieces will also be included in the publication to maintain cross-organisational exchanges with those of us within and outside of academia.

The contributions will be available both online and in pdf format and once ‘complete’ (once we’ve decided when the Walls publication will end!) we will compile everything together into a free down-loadable booklet per the style of the" target="_blank">Incarceration, Migration and Indigenous Sovereignty education booklet generated from the last conference.

Watch this space for the Walls publication coming soon!


Jackson, M. (2017). Space, Race, Bodies – A Conference Theme, A Timely Reminder. Sites: A Journal of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies, 14(2), 7-12.

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